Wasp Extermination

Wasps are among the most dangerous insects there are. While they serve a purpose in nature, it is always unsafe to have them around your home or business. That is why it is important to exterminate wasps at the first sign of a nest.

In sufficient quantity, wasp venom can cause allergic reactions and, in some cases, even the death of the person bitten. That is why you should not take any wasp infestation of lightly.

Particularly aggressive, wasps attack as a group when they feel threatened. It is therefore important to stay away from the nest if you see one and instead seek the help of professionals in wasp extermination.

How Do I Know Whether I Have a Wasp Infestation?

Active during the hot season, wasps like to nest in a number of different locations, such as tree trunks, in the wood of a picnic table, in the ground, inside walls, or in roofs of homes or businesses.

While some nests are visible, others are less so. If you have any doubt, please contact our experts in wasp extermination. They will be able to visit your premises and carry out an inspection. Depending on the situation, they will offer you a customized solution based on your needs.

Some Signs of an Infestation

In general, if you see a number of wasps hanging around your home or business, it means that there is a nest nearby. In that case, you will need to resort to wasp extermination services. By no means should you attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself; you risk being bitten.

Specialized wasp extermination, our technicians have the products and equipment necessary to effectively get rid of the insects and prevent them from harming you.

Able to locate and destroy the nests quickly, even those located up high, our professionals also offer emergency services and preventive treatments against wasps and hornets.

To learn more about our wasp extermination services, do not hesitate to contact us. We cover the North Shore of Montreal: the cities of Laval, Repentigny, Saint-Jérôme, and many others.